Preproduction engineering is a set of measures that ensure the availability of complete sets of design and process documentation, jigs, fixtures and tools at your enterprise that are necessary for the manufacture of products in certain volumes with certain quality, calculation of funds for the equipment procurement and maintenance.
Ros Engineering is ready to perform these tasks and offer additional services:

  • designing of production buildings, area planning:
  • designing of special tooling and equipment;
  • supply of equipment, tools and industrial furniture;
  • supply of equipment, tools and industrial furniture;
  • preventative and predictive maintenance of production equipment;
  • preparation of labor protection and fire safety documentation;
  • predictive analytics;

To develop an action plan, we need a detailed technical design assignment. We understand that a decision maker may lack time to draft a technical design assignment, therefore during our first meeting it will be enough to give a detailed account of your idea either in writing or in oral form. As the thorough understanding of a task and its implementation will require a large scope of information, we will determine a way to obtain additional information.

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