Our projects

A high-pressure air system includes a German high-pressure compressor (up to 350 bar) with a dehumidifier and a stainless steel seamless pipeline connected to production equipment.

Modification to the existing equipment. Designing of a new site with account of the customer’s wishes. The available equipment is used to the full. We have made all the calculations in accordance with the norms and rules for the required equipment, developed the operations’ instructions and manuals and performed certification.

Monitoring of construction stages and interaction with the general contractor and design organizations. Day-to-day activities on making changes and improvements during construction.

Assembly, installation and mounting of a working engine with a cabin as a visual aid in the classroom on the 2nd floor of the administrative building. A gas engine power supply system with gas cylinders mounted outdoors, with the exhaust gas removal and vibration damping has been implemented.

Designing and supply of industrial furniture, special tooling for setting up repair and assembly production sites and automotive service centers.

Set-up of the internal combustion engine repair shop according to the technical design assignment designed for 50 engines per month. Layout planning, selection of equipment, tools and special tooling.

Pre-production. It allows to choose the right equipment depending on the conditions and position it in a correct way.

Set-up of a cylinders’ technical requalification site in full compliance with the requirements of Rostekhnadzor (Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision)

The plot re-examination of the cylinders 1, 2, 3 types.

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